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Vienna goes Japan

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Taking pictures at AniNite was like a dream come true. So many friendly people, so many awesome cosplays, so much space, so many interesting suff to look at, … and in the middle: some unimportant dude trying to improve his photography skills.


AniNite was a surprise for me. When I arrived there at 10:00 (when they opened) I felt a little… underwhelmed. Not many people there and the map seemed small. But all that changed quite fast.

The first two halls had two floors and the third one was actually quite big and there was also the large stage hall. It all felt more like a community-driven convention (unlike Gamescom but this comparison would be like apples compared to a car).

The main topic was Japanese- and Pop culture therefore Mangas and Animes had a big presence there. But there were also a lot of artists – really talented people – having their own booth. Merchandise from shows I’ve never heard before and a lot of unusual figures (like this one) to buy. Gaming was (of course) also a topic but it was really more about the community around it. No big releases of AAA-Games or something but a lot of room for people to enjoy a couple of games on a Nintendo Switch or PS4 together like Super Mario or Dance Dance Revolution.


One of the main reasons for me to visit AniNite was to increase my skill set by taking pictures, so I hope there are some in the gallery for you to enjoy 😀 (feedback as always is very welcome).
I used my (now old) Canon EOS 750D camera which got replaced after this convention in order to improve Quality (more on that in the next article). Sadly I did not ask people about their names back then, so I had a hard time figuring that out by doing a lot of research. And I really mean a LOT of research. I still don’t know the names of half of the people on the photos so I would really appreciate any Information on that.

Please enjoy the gallery and leave a comment if you feel like it. Every thought and feedback is very welcome.

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