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A convention for the community

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Cosplays, mangas, comics, workshops, shows, … wow, there was much to see. But not so much on the first day…

About the MAG

The MAG (formally known as Magnology) takes the phrase “community convention” seriously and took 3 days (Friday to Saturday). I arrived 10 minutes after they opened and was quite surprised. Almost nobody was there. At first, my thought was to be in the wrong place. When I “searched” for a parking lot I was like “meh this can’t be it”, because the big parking area was almost empty. When I went inside there was a lot of free space but very few people. That drastically changed on the second and third day, but more on that later. I used this to my advantage. Every photographer loves to have a lot of space to move so that’s what I did.


First of all, I got a new camera system! Fujifilm X-T3. I love it and I think it is a huge step up – even with my limited skills because I bought it two days before. So the first day of MAG was a lot of trial and error until I figured out most of the things (all I knew was from a two-hour introduction video on youtube). Because there were not many people on the first Day of MAG, I had a lot of room to practice and getting to know my new lenses and I sure learned a lot.


As already mentioned the MAG was focusing on the community. A lot of content creators (youtubers, Instagrammers, prop-creators, cosplay-agencies, etc) were there and of course a lot of merchandise and more exotic stuff from Japan. But most of all, cosplay was a huge topic there. I’ve never seen so many cosplayers. The “Otaku” hall was the main place to be for a cosplayer (and photographer) because of all the shops and interesting things to look at and – for me – the lighting was better. The gaming hall was more about … well… gaming. Indi gaming to be more precise. The goal of MAG was to focus on smaller productions and not AAA games as the gamescom did and therefore it was not required to stand in line for hours.

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